About Harley Street Group

Healthcare is something everyone takes seriously without compromise, whether it is for ourselves or our connections. When the need arises, our choice of care givers is driven by our desire to have someone who is professional, ethical and at the cutting edge of medical development and can bring to us medical care which is the most up to date. Often, our choice is also affected by the urgency of the need, our locality and the actual medication condition itself.

As doctors ourselves, we are not immune from illnesses and therefore not excepted from these rules. When we or our dear ones are ill, we would choose doctors who individually enjoys considerable reputation and with whom we can entrust our own healthcare and that of our loved ones. By coming together to form the Harley Street Group, we are now able to offer our expertise and service to the public in exactly the same manner we care for another doctor or his or her loved ones.

Harley Street Group panel of doctors are recruited from up and down the country and not confined under one roof. We are thus able to bring to you doctors who are leaders in their field near where you are. By using our doctor directory, we can put you in contact with a Harley Street Group doctor you need for your medical condition near where you are.

Many of our doctors are opinion leaders in their field and in Harley Street Group, we have made it our duty to bring to public awareness any information on the latest development available in medical care in Malaysia across all medical specialties. In our effort to maintain quality, we welcome feedback from the public on our panel of doctors.