Seed Implantation for Prostate Cancer

written by Dr Loh Chit Sin on 4 October 2011

Early prostate cancer sufferers in Malaysia now have another effective treatment for their prostate cancer. Surgery for early prostate cancers is well known to cause significant bleeding and can lead to complications such as erectile dysfunction and urine incontinence.

Robotic surgery has significantly reduced blood loss and some of these complications but for sufferers who do not wish to have surgery, radiation treatment is the only option. Though effective, radiation treatment is protracted and not free from complications. Seed implantation is a form of very precise internal radiation treatment in which tiny radioactive seeds are implanted very precisely into the prostate to only treat the prostate with very minimal effect on surrounding structure. Implantation generally takes about 2 hours and the patients are kept only overnight in hospital. Though only suitable for certain prostate cancers, this treatment can deliver cure rate comparable with surgery without the wrought of surgical complications. It has the least effect of sexual function and is arguable the least invasive treatment available for prostate cancer. We carried out the first radioactive seed implant in Malaysia on the 26th May 2010 and our seed implantation program is expanding rapidly, giving prostate cancer sufferers more choice in their treatment.