Good Supportive Care, Making excellent Cancer Care Possible

written by Dr Nick Chong Chung King on 8 May 2013
Good Supportive Care Making Excellent Cancer Care Possible
The field of oncology has expanded rapidly around the world. Despite advancement of chemotherapy and radiation therapy, such treatment are associated with significant, and sometimes life threatening complications. Although certain levels of morbidity have been considered acceptable or inevitable as part of the price for attempting to treat a catastrophic illness.
The morbidity experienced during active treatment includes significant psychological and physical symptoms, emotional and financial distress, family dysfunction as well as work and career disruption. Some of these issues may persist beyond active treatment and result in long term morbidity. Complications of cancer therapy should be managed sophisitcally. This will allow cancer treatment regimens to be administered most effectively, promoting improved quality of life, reduce hospitalisation and mitigate emotional and psychological distress.
Good cancer supportive care is an important part of practice in all areas of clinical oncology. It is also a compliment to another modern development, Palliative Medicine. Modern care of cancer patients is a multidisciplinary endeavor.