Dr Christina Ng Van Tze

Current Place of Practice

Sunway Medical Centre
Cancer Centre, 3rd Floor
No.5 Jalan Lagoon Selatan
46150, Petaling Jaya
Phone: 603-7491 9191
Pantai Hospital Kuala Lumpur
Suite B107
8 Jalan Bukit Pantai
59100 Kuala Lumpur
Phone: 603-2296 0662



2002: Awarded the Fellowship of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians (FRACP)
2000: Selected by the “Victorian Medical Oncology Training Group” (VMOTG) to enter into Advanced Specialist Training in Medical Oncology
1992: Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery, University of Melbourne
1987: Victorian Certificate of Education, 5As (Ranked Top 2% in Australia)



Visiting Consultant Medical Oncologist
1. St.Vincent’s and Mercy Private Hospital, Melbourne
2. Epworth Cancer Centre, Melbourne
3. Freemason’s Hospital, Melbourne
4. Ballarat Health Services, Victoria
5. Bendigo Health Services, Victoria
2002 Medical Oncology Registrar
Austin and Repatriation Medical Center (ARMC), Melbourne
2001 Medical Oncology Registrar
Peter MacCallum Cancer Institute, Melbourne
2000 Medical Oncology Registrar
Border Medical Oncology, New South Wales
Royal Melbourne Hospital
1999 Medical Oncology Fellow
Austin Research Institute (ARI), Melbourne
Vaccine and Immunology Laboratory
Immunization of patients with Adenocarcinoma using Subcutaneous Mannan-MUC 1 Fusion Protein and Recombinant Human Interleukin 12.
- Screening of patients for MUC 1 Antigen Expression.
- Immunoperoxidase staining for MUC 1 expression in tumour samples.
- Measurement of specific T lymphocyte proliferative and cytotoxic response using flow cytometry.
- MUC 1 antibody assay, using ELISA technique.
- Patient administration of Mannan Fusion Protein vaccine and r-IL
Prof. Ian Mckenzie, Director ARI
Dr. Paul Mitchell, Director ARMC
1998 Internal Medicine Registrar
Austin and Repatriation Medical Center
1997 Aged Care Registrar
Austin and Repatriation Medical Center
1996 Internal Medicine Registrar
Austin and Repatriation Medical Center
1995 Senior Hospital Medical Officer 
Intensive Care, Austin & Repatriation Medical Center
Medical Oncology, Austin & Repatriation Medical Center
Endocrinology, Austin & Repatriation Medical Center
General Medical Registrar, Bendigo Base Hospital
1994 Junior Hospital Medical Officer
Accident and Emergency, Williamstown Hospital
Respiratory Medicine, Austin & Repatriation Medical Center
Gastroenterology, Austin & Repatriation Medical Center 
Cardiology, Austin & Repatriation Medical Center
1993 Internship
Austin and Repatriation Medical Center



Clinical Achievements/Milestones at University Malaya
YEAR 2004
Formed the 1st Medical Oncology Division under the Department of Medicine, University Malaya supported by the Dean of Medicine, Director of University Malaya Medical Center
YEAR 2005
Developed Patient Education Programs focusing on education of different cancer types and management as well as targeting issues of compliance,  
  supportive care, cultural/religious myths about cancer and cytotoxic therapy.
Formed the Cancer Nurse Educator Program. This program is supported Roche Pharmaceuticals 
Formed Clinical-Pathological Review Group for Cancer 
Formed Clinical-Radiology Review Group for Cancer
YEAR 2005/6
Protocol Development for the treatment of the following cancers:
Ewing’s Sarcoma
Soft Tissue Sarcoma
Germ Cell Tumours
Central Nervous System Tumours
Advanced Colorectal Cancer
Early/Advanced Gastric Cancer
Early/Advanced Colorectal Cancer
Febrile Neutropaenia Guidelines (Adopted by Emergency Department at UMMC)
YEAR 2006/7
Formed Multimodality Gastro-Intestinal Tract Cancer Team. 
Setup Financial Assistance Programs for Cytotoxic/Targeted therapy
Oxaliplatin in Early & Advanced Colorectal Cancer (Sanofi-Aventis )
Bonefos for bony metastases in Advanced Breast Cancer (Schering AG)
Temozolamide in High Grade Gliomas (Schering Plough)
Docetaxel in Early & Advanced Breast Cancer (Sanofi-Aventis)
CPT-11 in Early & Advanced Colorectal Cancer (Pfizer)
Cetuximab in Advanced Colorectal Cancer (Merck)
Zoledronic Acid for bony metastases in Advanced Breast Cancer (Novartis)
Facilitated the acceptance of Docetaxel, Oxaliplatin and Bonefos into the Drug 
  Formulary at UMMC.
Grant awarded by Roche Pharmaceuticals to purchase 12 sets of digital blood pressure sets for Chemotherapy Day Care Unit, Department of Oncology,  
YEAR 2003/4
Medical Oncology Research Fellow 
Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research, Melbourne
Phase 1 Study of I131-A33 in patients with advanced colorectal cancer.
  Supervisor: Associate Professor Andrew Scott.
Visiting Consultant Medical Oncologist
1. St.Vincent’s and Mercy Private Hospital, Melbourne
2. Epworth Cancer Centre, Melbourne
3. Freemason’s Hospital, Melbourne
4. Ballarat Health Services, Victoria
5. Bendigo Health Services, Victoria
2002 Medical Oncology Registrar
Austin and Repatriation Medical Center (ARMC), Melbourne


About Me


I have been a practicing Consultant Medical Oncologist for over 10 years. I was previously at University Malaya Medical Center, a position I had held since returning to Malaysia in 2003. 
Since 2009, I have been practicing at Sunway Medical Center and Pantai Hospital Kuala Lumpur. I am the current subdivision head for Medical Oncology at Sunway Medical Center and I am also an Honorary Consultant to the Clinical Research Centre of the Ministry of Health Malaysia. I am the Founder and President of EMPOWERED! The Cancer Advocacy Society of Malaysia, a not-for-profit non-governmental organization which is set up to bring structured cancer programs and personalized support right to the doorsteps of low income communities in Malaysia (please refer to www.empowered.org.my). I have served on the Faculty of the Australia and Asia Pacific Clinical Oncology Research Development Workshop. 
I received my medical training in Australia at the University of Melbourne, received my Australian Board Certification in Internal Medicine and Medical Oncology and served as a Consultant Medical Oncologist in Melbourne before returning to Malaysia in 2003. I was a Research Fellow at the Austin Research Institute as well as the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research in Melbourne. 
Whilst at UMMC, I was introduced to drug access programs, patient education programs, targeted therapies for breast, colorectal, kidney and lung cancer, plus a multi-disciplinary approach that substantially improved the quality of patient care. Through my efforts, numerous drug grants from pharmaceutical companies have been awarded to allow access of the latest cancer drugs to patients receiving treatment at UMMC.
I have a special interest in conducting clinical trials and is the Principal Investigator for numerous trials for various cancers, including a national level trial for Nasopharyngeal Cancer based on a Protocol I wrote at an Asia-Pacific research development workshop.  
In the course of my professional career, I have presented and chaired at numerous meetings and conferences. My publications and lectures cover a broad spectrum of fields in cancer including breast, colorectal and kidney cancer. I launched My Journal, a resource for cancer patients and survivors to inform and empower them through their cancer journey, as well as to alleviate fear and misconceptions brought about by a cancer diagnosis due to a lack of information. Based on feedback given by the users from the launch of the first edition, key revisions and improvisations have been made to the second edition of My Journal (2nd Edition). My Journal (2nd Edition) is also available in four languages – English, Bahasa Malaysia, Mandarin and Tamil – making it more accessible to people of all backgrounds. About 8000 copies have been distributed to government hospitals with cancer centers.
A copy of this book can be purchased through http://www.empowered.org.my
In her position as the Founder and President of EMPOWERED! The Cancer Advocacy Society of Malaysia, I have championed and spearheaded numerous lifesaving colorectal cancer screening campaigns and other cancer educational programs in low income communities in Malaysia. I am concerned that residents living in such communities would often prioritise their survival needs ahead of their health needs. Since 2009, the outreach programs elaborately developed by me, has reached nearly 45 000 residents living in low income communities. With the support of my committed team of volunteers, I have put in place a personalized support system for my program beneficiaries who are found to have blood in their stool or cancer. In 2012, I have formed a Student Leadership Program for key individual student volunteers who have shown leadership skills in the course of their work with the NGO. This program enables the students to develop their skills in communication, patient support as well as skills in leading project execution. The student leaders are assigned to a life coach for personal development in this program.
I am a Fellow of the Australasian College of Physicians, Member of the Malaysian Oncological Society, Member of the National Specialist Subcommittee for Medical Oncology, Member for the National Cancer Registry, Member of the Australian Medical Association and Medical Oncology Group Australia, Member of the American Society of Clinical Oncology, and is an Alumni of the Australia/Asia-Pacific Oncology Research Development Workshop (ACORD). I am the Founder and President of EMPOWERED! The Cancer Advocacy Society of Malaysia.