Endocrine Surgery

Endocrine surgeons perform procedures on endocrine (hormone secreting) glands to achieve a hormonal or anti-hormonal effect in the body. This almost usually entails operating to remove a tumour which has grown on or within an endocrine gland or removing part or the whole affected gland itself.

Endocrine surgery covers thyroid gland, parathyroid glands, and adrenal glands. Other organs with endocrine functions come under other specialty for anatomical reasons.

The most common endocrine surgery operation is removal of the thyroid, followed by parathyroid surgery and followed by the rare operation on the adrenal gland. Although many general surgeons are competent to operate on these organs, complications are generally much less common if performed by surgeons who operate on these parts more often. In thyroid surgery in particular, some of these complications including permanent voice damage and parathyroid damage causing low blood calcium can be debilitating.

Our Doctors Specializing In Endocrine Surgery

Dr Harjit Kaur

MBBS, MS (UKM), FRCS (Ire), AM (Mal), Fellowship in Breast Surgery (Aust)
Specialty: Breast Surgery, Endocrine Surgery
Location : Prince Court Medical Centre , Gleneagles Hospital Kuala Lumpur